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Dr. K.k. Talwar
MBBS | MD – Medicine | DM – Cardiology
55 years of experience
Location : Delhi

Max Super Specialty Hospital, Saket,

Dr. K.K. Talwar is a renowned cardiologist known for his expertise in the field of cardiovascular medicine. With decades of experience, he has made significant contributions to the advancement of cardiac care in India and globally. Dr. Talwar has held prestigious positions in various medical institutions and organizations, demonstrating his leadership and dedication to improving heart health. He is widely respected for his research, particularly in areas such as coronary artery disease and heart failure. As an educator, he has mentored numerous aspiring cardiologists, shaping the future of cardiovascular medicine.

Dr. Talwar’s compassionate patient care and commitment to excellence have earned him the trust and gratitude of countless individuals and families. His work has been recognized through numerous awards and honors, solidifying his status as a pioneer in cardiology. Through his advocacy efforts, he strives to raise awareness about heart disease prevention and management, promoting healthier lifestyles globally. Dr. Talwar’s legacy in the field of cardiology continues to inspire and impact countless lives, making him a revered figure among medical professionals and patients alike.

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