Dr. Jayaprakash Bahuleyan

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Dr. Jayaprakash hails from the esteemed Dharma family, renowned for practicing traditional Ayurvedic healing for over nine generations. Initiated into the healing arts at a young age by his father, the esteemed Dr. Bahuelyan, a prominent figure in Ayurvedic medicine, Dr. Jayaprakash went on to advance his studies in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery. He emerged as a trailblazer in adapting Ayurvedic concepts to suit modern society and lifestyles, demonstrating remarkable effectiveness.

His contributions have played a pivotal role in popularizing and applying Ayurveda not only within Kerala but also across India and internationally. In 1995, he compiled and published the “Doctors Vest Book of Indian Medicine,” which is hailed as the definitive handbook for practitioners of Indian medicine, encompassing Ayurveda and Siddha.


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