Warning Signs You Are Eating  Too Much Salt

If you find yourself constantly reaching for water, it could be a sign of excess salt intake. 

Frequent Thirst 

Salt can cause water retention, leading to swelling in your hands, feet, or abdomen.  


One of the most well-known effects of excess salt is elevated blood pressure.  

High Blood Pressure 

The kidneys play a crucial role in managing sodium levels. Too much salt can strain your kidneys.

Kidney Problems 

Salt can cause bloating, making you feel uncomfortably full and swollen. If you frequently experience bloating, 

Excessive Bloating 

High sodium levels can contribute to headaches, particularly if you're sensitive to sodium.  

Persistent Headaches 

Excessive salt intake is linked to a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.  

Increased Risk of Heart Disease 

While not fat gain, excess salt can cause water retention, leading to temporary weight gain. 

Weight Gain 

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